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5 Documentaries That Will Inspire Minimalism

These documentaries highlight the life-changing benefits of minimalism and how it can improve overall quality of life. While society glorifies consumerism this practice is unsustainable, which has led many to led unfulfilling, superficial lives.

Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things

Netflix, 2015, 1h 19m

This documentary is made by two childhood friends who started a journey to live a more intentional and happy life. Through their own journey, coupled with interviews of others they realized the essential benefits of living a simple life. Minimalism focuses on letting go of material things in order to live a more meaningful life.

Generation Wealth

Amazon Video, 2018, 1h 48m

This documentary takes a deep dive into our society’s obsession with money and also status. In addition it examines celebrity culture, social status and the negative impact it has on regular individuals.

Social Animals

Tubi, 2018, 1h 27m

This documentary explores how social media is impacting and also influencing our everyday lives. In addition it shows the real life consequences that go on behind the scenes that we don’t often see. This film follows three individuals during their personal experiences and challenges maintaining an online presence.

The True Cost

Netflix, 2015, 1h 32m

This documentary exposes the truth behind fast fashion while also exploring the impact it is having on society. The fast fashion industry encourages mass consumption, which has a negative impact on individuals in addition to the environment.


Tubi, 2011, 1h 13m

This documentary takes viewers on a journey around the world while searching for the meaning of happiness. Through scientific research and emotional testimonials we see the similarities as well as differences people experience in regards to happiness.

Overall these documentaries are entertaining and informative in regards to minimalism. Although minimalism can seem like a challenging way to live the benefits far outweighs the sacrifice. Living with less is a life-changing experience for those looking to live a simplified life.

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  1. Thanks for this nice list. I don’t watch a lot of video/film as I’m more of a reader, however this list will hopefully prevent me wasting time looking for something worthwhile to watch when I do feel like watching something.

    I have pinned it for future reference.

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