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7 Best Things To Buy At Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores are often overlooked when it comes to shopping, but don’t let buying secondhand scare you. Thrift Stores are some of the best when it comes to finding unique, quality pieces for great value. When it comes to shopping secondhand these items are best because they are affordable, readily available, and often good quality.

1. Books

Books can be expensive when buying new, especially if they are hardcover or new releases. For people who love to read and enjoy a good deal thrift stores are a great option. Most stores have a large section of gently used book that range all genres. Often times these books will cost less than $5 each!

2. Furniture

One of the best things to buy at thrift stores is furniture! It is easy to find high quality vintage pieces that would cost a fortune today. If you are crafty refinishing these pieces and giving them a second life is a great option. In addition there are a lot of ‘Fast Furniture’ pieces (ie: Ikea, Target, Wayfair) that have been gently used.

3. Small Appliances

Coffee Makers. Espresso Machines. Toaster Ovens. Air Fryers. These can all be found at thrift stores for prices much lower than a local Wal-Mart or Target. Although they may need a thorough cleaning, they are often in great condition and ready to use. Pro Tip – Make sure to test any appliance before purchase.

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4. Frames

Frames are surprising expensive when buying them new. Considering frames do not get a lot of wear and tear it is easy to find quality frames at thrift stores. In addition thrift store frames come in all shapes, sizes and styles so finding a unique option to hold photos is easy.

5. Baskets

Wicker baskets are my personal weakness. These baskets are always easy to find at the thrift store and serve both style and function. Whether you are looking for home decor or storage options these baskets are perfect for any home.

6. Lamps/Lamp Shades

Lamps are often overlooked when it comes to thrift store, but it is easy to find unique and quality items. Whether it’s a desk lamp, floor lamp or a small lamp for a night stand most thrift stores will have a wild variety of pieces to choose from. Pro tip – it’s easy to replace a lamp shade if the current shade is dirty or out of style.

7. Board Games & Puzzles

These are great thrift store finds that are fun and affordable. Thrifting board games is a great way to expand your collection at an affordable price. It’s also a great way to find older versions of games that may no longer be available.

Overall thrifting is a great way to purchase quality items at an affordable price. Make sure to look for these items the next time you visit your local thrift store. Consider other sustainable options for your household by swapping some kitchen items.

26 thoughts on “7 Best Things To Buy At Thrift Stores”

  1. I literally love to shop in second-hand stores! Books and boxes are my favorites, I have tons of them. And I’m a big fan of vintage English ceramic plates too. I love to give new life to old objects!

  2. Yes! Thrift stores all the way! I think there best for DIY furniture – I love the idea of bringing new life to an old piece.

    Another great place to find cheap books is at your local library! (Covid dependent).

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I got my retro coffee mug engraved with the famous icon Snoopy for just a few bucks in a thrift shop. I will be digging more retro items soon!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I would have to add children’s clothes to that list personally. I like to buy my kids nice new clothes also, but you can come across some great finds (even knew with tags).

  5. I love going to thrift stores when I travel – rather than buy keyring, tea-towel type souvenirs I collect things I can use and remember from my trips …

    Like my Antique Tea Strainer from England and a lovely teapot and cup from Cyprus. I love your idea of books and board games too.

  6. I love thrift stores. I used to buy clothes, books and picture frames but it’s been a while since I last visited one…you’ve reminded me I need to make a trip 😊

  7. I love the fact that this article is short and to the point. These are all great things to buy at thrift stores and most I have partaken in over the years.

  8. I LOVE thrift stores! These are all great ideas on what to buy used. My favorite finds I’ve had have been some pieces of furniture like my old coffee table and some clothing for myself that was brand name (Loft and Banana Republic). Thanks for sharing!

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