Sustainable glass spray bottles for Blueland cleaning tablets.

Make Your House Cleaner and Greener with Blueland Products

Household cleaning products can be full of toxic chemicals that are harmful to you, your loved ones AND the planet. Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products that are sustainable, non-toxic and leave your house sparkling clean. Here are 5 benefits of the Blueland system.

1. Powerful Cleaning Solutions

Finding eco-friendly cleaning solutions that actually get the job done isn’t always easy. However the Blueland cleaning solutions did not disappoint. The all purpose cleaner removes dirt, cuts through grease and disinfects without leaving any residue. In addition it has a pleasant lemon and citrus scent that is refreshing and leaves your space smelling clean.

2. Affordable

Often times eco-friendly products are more expensive than traditional cleaners and for obvious reason. Meanwhile Blueland cleaning products are affordable for any budget or price point. With products starting at $6 for 3 all purpose cleaners you’re looking at less than $2 a bottle. Therefore this is actual a cost savings over other traditional all purpose cleaning products.

3. All Natural & Non-Toxic

Ditch those traditional products that are filled with toxic chemicals. Blueland cleaning ingredients are all natural and non toxic that are safe to use anywhere in your home. In addition these products have been officially certified by the USDA BioPreferred, Leaping Bunny, and EPA Safer Choice to name a few.

sustainable clear glass spray bottle for Blueland cleaning tablets.
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4. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Forget about all those plastic bottle sitting under your sink! The Blueland cleaning kit has you covered with glass bottles that are easily refillable with their tablet solutions. The glass bottles and containers can be used year after year and can even be recycled if needed. In addition their shipping packaging is plastic free, fully recyclable and compostable. Overall it’s a win, win, win!

5. Easy to Store

Reclaim all that space under your sink, in your pantry or wherever all your cleaning products currently live. Thanks to Blueland tablet refills you only need a few inches of space to store all your cleaning products. The compact product line is perfect for anyone looking to optimize space in their home.

Overall there are so many benefits to using sustainable, eco-friendly products that also leave your house sparkling clean. Above all the Blueland Company guarantees satisfaction, which means you have nothing to lose! For more great sustainable swaps check out these 10 alternatives for a low waste kitchen.

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  1. I have never heard of blueland products before. I will definitely have yo check them out. Thanks for sharing. Love the sustainable packaging and storage for the products, too.

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