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5 Documentaries on Sustainability to Watch Now

Climate change is having a significant impact on our everyday lives, whether we realize it or not. Check out these documentaries that explore how human behavior is creating a crisis that needs our attention now. Furthermore these documentaries take viewers on journeys around the world to uncover the truth about climate change and the need for sustainability.

Chasing Coral

Netflix, 2017, 1h 33m – Peabody Award

This documentary follows divers, photographers and scientists as they explore coral reefs around the world. Meanwhile they focus on the impact that has resulted in these reefs vanishing over time. This films takes viewers on a journey to 30 countries over the course of 5 years to dive deep into the coral as well as the environmental challenges that are occurring.

Before the Flood

Disney+, 2016, 1h 36mOfficial Selection Toronto International Film Festival and BFI International Film Festival

This documentary takes viewers on a journey to 5 continents and the arctic where they uncover the truth about climate change. After discovering a calculated disinformation campaign aimed to confuse the public, Leonardo DiCaprio searches for answers as well as hope. Furthermore this film explores the current climate crisis and the impact it is having on communities all over the world.

The True Cost

Tubi, 2015, 1h 32m

This documentary exposes the truth behind fast fashion and the impact it is having on the environment. As fast fashion continues to grow prices of clothing decrease while the price on the environment skyrockets. In addition this film exposes all levels of the industry from the runways of the western world to the slums of less developed countries. Sustainability in the fashion industry is necessary in order to end this cycle.

A Plastic Ocean

Netflix, 2016, 1h 42m

This documentary follows a team of scientists and researchers as they travel around the world to examine the state of our oceans. While visiting twenty locations over the course of four years they are able to uncover the consequences of plastics. This film also highlights possible solutions and technology that could be used to address various issues.

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate (2015)

YouTube, 2015, 1h 30m

This documentary is based off of the international best-selling and award winning book This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein. It draws a direct connection between our economic system as well as the impact it has on our air quality. During the hour and a half views will follow a four year journey that will take them to 9 countries over 5 continents. In Addition this film beautifully explores the greatest challenge of our time and the need for sustainability now.

Ultimately check out these documentaries to learn about the climate crisis and how you can make a difference in the fight for climate justice.

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