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5 Essential Life Goals For Leveling Up

Taking the time to create goals in various areas of life helps us to be intentional about the lives we live. These 5 categories are just a few areas where goal setting can make a big impact.

Personal Goals

Personal goals focus on personal development and what we hope to achieve in our day to day lives. Additionally, these goals can be both short term and long term goals depending on the amount of time it will take to achieve. These goals help individuals become the best version of themselves specifically through personal growth.

  • Some examples of personal goals include:
    • Exercising regularly
    • Volunteering
    • Learning a new skills
    • Reading books more often

Career Goals

Career goals are essential for professional growth and career advancement overall. They focus on an individuals vision for their career path and ultimate desire in their profession. Career goals should not only be short term, but also long term allowing individuals to continuously take steps towards improving their skillset.

  • Some examples of career goals include:
    • Gain a new skill
    • Expand professional network
    • Increase salary
    • Improve job performance

Financial Goals

Financial goals allow us to create intention when deciding how we want to manage our finances. Although we all strive for a certain level of financial security the approach to accomplishing this can vary. Therefore, by creating financial goals that are both short term and long term we are committing to taking control of the situation.

  • Some examples of financial goals include:
    • Create a monthly budget
    • Save a certain amount regularly
    • Increase income
    • Pay off debt

Health Goals

Health goals are the most important of all. Maintaining good health is something we all desire, but often take for granted. Being intentional about taking care of ourselves physically and mentally should be a top priority in general. In addition by creating goals that focus on overall health we are hopefully working toward living a life of longevity.

  • Some examples of health goals include:
    • Work out regularly
    • Eat healthy meals
    • Get regular check ups
    • Work on mental health

Recreational Goals

Recreational goals are about living life and having fun! Therefore creating recreational goals we are also intentionally affirming the importance of having a work/life balance. Additionally, these goals allow us to carve out time for the things we enjoy in life without them becoming an after thought or occasional occurrence.

  • Some examples of recreational goals include:
    • Take a vacation
    • Practice a hobby more often
    • Attend an event that you enjoy
    • Build a like-minded community

In conclusion taking the time to create goals in various areas of life helps us to be more thoughtful about our overall personal growth. Taking small steps on a regular basis can create lasting change over time.

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14 thoughts on “5 Essential Life Goals For Leveling Up”

  1. Jeanette Edwards

    Thank you so much this was very helpful! Setting short term and long term goals is a must in my life. Sometimes we need to see things written down on paper! Most importantly staying consistent!!!

  2. Such an insightful read! I love how you’re triggering us to develop ourselves on different levels! Gaining new skills and practicing a hobby more often are definitely on my list of happiness tips. Come to think of it, I haven’t picked up my paint brush in a while…. thank you so much for the inspiration! Love, Susanne

  3. I am into goal setting and I love that you covered most of the aspects in life. I’m leading with financial goals this year and excited to check off my list as I go along

  4. Thank you so much for this post! After a year of wondering what life would be life my husband and I have made goals. We worked through the what if’s and made a life plan and goals. This is a fantastic reference.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I sometimes forget how to work towards a specific goal, and chaos brings me nowhere. This is a great reminder to set goals and prioritize.

  6. Love this. I like the idea of choosing one from each category. Even if I don’t work out, I try to get outside with the kids or to do chores each day. Read more, library audiobooks, networking, more sinking funds. Let’s do it!

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