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10 Best Swaps for Your Low Waste Kitchen

Your kitchen is likely the heart of your home and also a significant source of waste. You can reduce your environmental impact by swapping your everyday kitchen items for sustainable alternatives . Here are 10 items you can easily swap today for a low waste kitchen!

1. Bamboo Dish Brush

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The most common kitchen cleaning tools include plastic brushes, sponges, and scrubbers, that are not easily recycled. Swap your plastic sponge or cleaning brush for a bamboo alternative. Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable material that is fast-growing, self-regulating and compostable. This material has a low impact of the environment during its entire life span.

2. Cloth Napkins

Paper towels require a large amount of water in order to be produced and they also increase CO2 levels that impact air quality. In addition these paper products often times are not recyclable. Swap your paper napkins and towels for cloth alternatives. Cloth napkins are perfect to use during meals and great for cleaning up messes around the kitchen.

3. Refillable Cleaning Products

Swap your plastic bottles and toxic cleaning products for a clean alternative. Many of sustainable options are affordable, compact, low waste and still provide you with a powerful cleaning solutions.

4. Reusable Coffee Filters

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Coffee is a daily ritual for most people and this simple act can produce quite a bit of unnecessary waste. Single use coffee makers have become common place in many homes and those single use coffee pods are a true menace to the environment. Swap your coffee pods/filters for reusable options. There are a number of options to choose from that range from stainless steel to silicone and even reusable plastic alternatives.

5. Glass or Bamboo Food Storage

Food storage can be such a pain. Try swapping your plastic containers for glass food storage, which has a longer life span. Glass is a better recyclable material that is a great low waste alternative to plastic. It also won’t get bent out of shape or stained in the long run.

6. Stainless Steel, Bamboo or Silicone Cooking utensils

Plastic contains a wide variety of toxic chemicals and when heated up those chemicals can be transferred into your food. To create a safer non-toxic kitchen consider switching to higher quality non-toxic cooking utensils. These can include stainless steel, bamboo, wood, or silicone alternatives.

7. Reusable Water Bottles

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One of the easiest low waste swaps you can make is getting a reusable water bottle. It is no secret that single use plastic water bottles are create a ton of waste and last for hundreds of years. Reusable water bottles are great because they are sustainable and practical for everyday life.

8. Dish Soap Block

Unfortunately, most dish soap comes in some type of plastic packaging, but there are more low waste alternatives available in stores now. Get yourself a dish soap block with little to no packaging. These blocks last longer than traditional liquid soap and do a great job cleaning dishes and other kitchen messes.

9. Compost Bin

Don’t live in a house? Don’t have a backyard? Me either! I drop my compost at a local community garden where my neighbors can use it for their gardening needs. Most food scraps that you throw in the trash can actually organically decompose and be used to enrich soil for future crops. By investing in a compost bin you can save food waste from rotting in the dump and help extend it’s life cycle.

10. Refillable Spice Rack

Many household have an extensive collection of herbs and spices. However I have noticed most individuals reach for the same 5-7 spices for the majority of their meals. Consider checking out spice racks that you can refill instead of buying individuals spices at your local market. Some companies will mail you spice refills on a regular basis to keep your spices fresh.

Remember living a low waste lifestyle is not a destination, but instead a journey.

Try to swap one product for now to start your low waste kitchen.

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  1. This is absolutely helpful for me! I’m breaking all the rules. I look forward to a new changes to keep things safe for the environment!!!

  2. I have a few favorite thrift stores that I go to and I find the best treasures and I love searching for unique items I also love wondering who had this before why is it in the thrift store and trying to find a story behind all the pieces that I find but it is so much fun to just look around and look at the history of why some pieces are in the thrift store but you can make an afternoon of having so much fun thrifting. I find so many kids books that I buy so I can give them away to kids who don’t have books

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