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3 Simple Ways To Maximize A Mental Health Day

Often times people think of self-care as a luxury that includes relaxing spa days and indulging in things that bring instant gratification. However real self-care is about self awareness, reflection and meaningful action/inaction. Try these 3 simple ways to make the most of a mental health day.

Treat Yo’ Self

Do one thing that you love – Self-care is about self love and what better way to practice that than doing something that brings joy. This can be as simple as watching your favorite show or something more indulgent like a spa day with a friend. Either way the goal is the same, do something that is relaxing and enjoyable specifically to you.

Get it Done

Do one thing you have been putting off – Practicing self care isn’t always about doing the things you want to do. It can also include doing the things you NEED to do because they are also important for your mental health. Choose one thing that you have been procrastinating on and knock it out. Not only will you feel a sense of relief once it is done, you will also feel productive and accomplished.

Pay it Forward

Do one thing for someone else – Have you ever noticed that when you help others or practice a random act of kindness it makes you happy? Although self care is about focusing on your personal well-being this practice can also extend to your community. By doing something for others you are making an investment in your community that will eventually come back to you one way or another.

Self care does not need to be an extravagant and expensive practice. While it sounds nice, sometimes focusing on the simple pleasure in life can be just as effective. Taking time to prioritize mental health and well-being is essential to living a happy and fulfilling life.

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13 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways To Maximize A Mental Health Day”

  1. This is absolutely needed in my life. I love how you broke it down to simplicity. So many times we thank self care is doing something big, therefore I find myself keep putting things off. Now I can take these simple steps and apply it!!!!

  2. Such an inspiring read. I think we need more mindful reminders like these that it is absolutely normal to take days for ourselves, to treat ourselves, and genuinely be by ourselves. I love the concept of paying it forward. These small acts if kindness leave me feeling good about myself and energized each and every time. As a matter of fact, I’ll start lining up some more ways to pay it forward right away. Thank you! love, Susanne

  3. My school just had a mental health day two days ago and it was nice not to have classes! I need to have more personal mental health days!

  4. I love that one of the ideas is to pay it forward. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of just doing things to make yourself happy. It’s easy to forget: making other people happy can make you happy, too!

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