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Listen & Learn: Podcasts that Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is an ambiguous topic that encompasses a wide range of issues. However there are many digestible resources available to help us navigate these complex topics. Some resources worth checking out are podcasts that take the time to explain issues, solutions and ideas in depth. Check out these 5 podcasts to learn more about sustainability and how we can contribute to make a difference.

Sustainability Defined

Sustainability Defined was started in 2016 by Jay Siegel and Scott Breen in an effort to help define the ambiguous topic of sustainability. Each episode focuses on a specific topic within the area of sustainability while discussing the topic with an expert in that area. In addition this podcast provides valuable resources on racial and environmental justice at no cost.

Topics Include – Natural Environment, Energy, Business Policy, Cities, Transportation

Available on – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Android Devices

Trash Talking with Eco Warriors

Trash Talking with Eco Warriors was created as a result of current issues regarding waste. Barbra Lee is the host of the podcast and shares inspiring stories of everyday people who are creating change in their communities. In addition his podcast hopes to inspire and education listeners about how to live life with a smaller footprint.

Topics Include – Sustainability, Environmentalism, Conservation and Eco-Business

Available on – Apple Podcasts and Spotify

A Sustainable Mind

A Sustainable Mind was created by Marjorie Alexander as a way to have inclusive conversations about sustainability. Marjorie invites experts from today’s most impactful environmental organizations to specifically discuss current campaigns that effect the environment.

Topics Include – Sustainability, Eco-Journeys, Actionable Advice, Sustainable Habits, Resources

Available on – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher


Earth 911 started in the early 90s and has expanded to a podcast that discusses environmental issues. Mitch Radcliff is the founder and host of the podcast who interviews the next generation of both environmental innovators and activists. In fact the purpose of Earth 911 is to focus attention and resources to answer complicated questions around sustainability.

Topics Include – Sustainability News, Recycling Tips, Responsible Consumption

Available on – Apple Podcasts and Spotify

Starting Sustainability

Starting Sustainability was created to help individuals who are just beginning their journey with sustainability. In general this podcast helps individuals to become part of the solution by teaching different ways to make a positive impact.

Topics Include – Sustainable Lifestyle Practices

Available on – Apple Podcasts and Spotify

Regardless of where you are on your sustainability journey we are all continuously learning and evolving. These podcasts focus on sustainability while highlighting the issues and solutions. Through small everyday changes can have a long lasting impact.

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