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How to Set Intentional Goals in 5 Steps

When it comes to setting intentional goals make sure you are using the SMART method. Smart goals allow you to create meaningful goals that are actionable and attainable. If you have a goal, no matter how big, using these 5 steps will help you accomplish.

1. Be Specific

Often times people create goals for themselves without having a clear purpose in mind. Your goal should be specific and relevant to your wants and needs. If you create a specific goal with a solid reason for wanting to pursue it you are much more likely to accomplish your goal. Avoid creating vague goals without a purpose or action plan.


Vague Goal: “I want to lose weight” Why? Because I want to be healthy

Specific Goal: “I want to work out three times a week” Why? Because I want to be healthy!

2. Be realistic

Setting realistic and attainable goals is key during this process. You know your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone so keep them in mind when goal setting. Your goals should challenge you and push you outside your comfort zone, but no so much so that you avoid them entirely. We want to avoid self-sabotage and imposter syndrome at all costs. Consider starting with small goals and working your way up to the bigger ones!

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3. Make sure it’s measurable

My favorite part of setting intentional goals is measuring progress. Having measurable goals allows you to hold yourself accountable and celebrate small wins that are getting you close to your ultimate goal. Depending on the goals I like to observe where I am in the process and how much further I need to go.

Example – “I worked out twice this week, now I have one more workout to go.” You can celebrate the two workouts you complete while still acknowledging and working towards that third workout.

4. Create a timeline

Timelines are huge when it comes to setting intentional goals. Think of it as a deadline for work. You want to do everything you can to meet that deadline. Setting timelines for goals holds you accountable and helps you stay motivated. Regardless of what the goal is a timeline can create a sense of urgency that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

5. Be flexible & Do Not Give Up

Life is unpredictable and our circumstances are ever changing. This means that we have to get creative with our goals sometimes. This doesn’t mean that we give up, it means that we find new ways to make it work. Being flexible can look like modifying the goal slightly, changing the timeline to allow more time, or maybe reimagine the why in the first place. No matter what challenges life throws at you stay committed and you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

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